Coalition for Alcohol and Drug Free Pregnancies

We are committed to significantly reducing the number of babies born with substance use-related health issues. We are located in Santa Clara County, California, but will provide resources to anyone interested in promoting alcohol and drug-free pregnancies.

Women's health can be affected by emotional problems, alcohol, tobacco, other drug use, and violence. Women's health is also affected when those same problems are present in people close to them. By alcohol, we mean beer, wine, wine coolers, or liquor. By drug use, we mean illegal drugs, misuse of prescription medication and/or over-the-counter drugs.

We strongly recommend that women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant do not use alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or misuse prescription or over-the-counter drugs. Safe levels of use have not been determined. Pregnant women should check with their doctors before taking all medications.
  We offer nine free educational videos. Six are short general awareness videos regarding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) that can be used at schools, medical offices, and other public and private service agencies. Three additional videos are intended to provide information for health care service providers on methods to screen for perinatal substance use, resources and services. All videos may be watched online or downloaded. Please see our Video Resources page for details.
  We have brochures designed to provide health education information for pregnant women to avoid using alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine and tobacco, and posters showing the effects of alcohol on a developing baby. All brochures and posters are available in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Please see our Print Resources page for details.

  Article by CADFP founder, Patti Bossert, posted on the Huffington Post.

Coalition for Alcohol & Drug Free Pregnancies (CADFP) has received funding from:
Cisco Foundation
County of Santa Clara Department of Alcohol & Drug Services, Prevention Division
FIRST 5 Santa Clara County
March of Dimes, California Chapter
Soroptimists of Los Gatos/Saratoga
and individual donors

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